How To Draw Anything With An Android Phone

Yeah, you heard that right. It is possible to create a fancy art with nothing but your small android phone. You do not actually need to own a pc or an expensive tablet before you can be an artist. There are many ways you can do it, depending on your skill level.


1) How to draw a cartoon portrait:

The first step is to download a paint app. You can use Ibis paint, Sketchbook pro, artflow, infinite paint, etc but Sketchbook pro seems to be the best (in my opinion). 

  • Get the picture of the person you want to draw and import it from the app. 
  • Click the '+' sign to add a new layer
  • Click on the next layer and zoom in on the canvas. From there, you trace the outline of the picture with your preferred pen tool until the whole picture is traced 
  • To colour, add another layer and drag it below the layer you drew on. Click on that layer and use the color of your choice.


2) How to draw characters:

*Download any of Easyposer, art pose or posetool3d but i recommend easy poser because it supports multiple characters, props, basic shapes, animals, clothes, weapons, etc.

* open the poser app and use the buttons to maneuver the models into your desired pose or use the preset poses.

*(For easy poser only) If you want to add objects like houses, gas cookers, computers, etc you can import the basic shapes (Sphere, cube, and cone) and move them to your desired location. Any object in this world can be broken down to those 3 basic shapes.

* Take the screenshot of the scene on the posing app.

*Import the screenshots from your paint app and trace the models.

*When you are done, zoom in and draw their clothes the way you like. As for the basic shapes, you clean any unnecessary area and add details until it looks like your desired object.



3) Draw it on paper first:

For those who prefer paper and pencil, you can simply snap your completed sketch and trace them with the paint app. I find the use of poser apps helpful in getting perspective, foreshadowing, figure, lighting, and shadows right when drawing with paper and pencil.


By applying these 3 principles you can become an expert in android art.

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