How To Digitalize Your Traditional Art

Hello my fellow artists, today I am going to show you how you can transform your traditional art into a clean digital version with nothing but your android phone. What I particularly like about this is that there are times when you may run out of colors or other drawing materials and for some reasons are not able to get them, the use of an android can simply help you get around these problems.
It is also very important to convert your art to a digital version as a comic artist as it requires you to type a lot of words in a clean fashion and that may be difficult to do without using a computer. Although the use of scanners is very popular and efficient, it is highly more interesting to be doing everything with your small phone although using an android may be a little tasking.
Step 1: Download sketchbook pro or any other graphics software from google play store.
Step 2: Use your camera to snap your traditional art or use the in-built cam scanner on the sketchbook pro app to take a very clear picture of your artwork.
Step 3: click "create new sketch" and select the values (size) of your canvas. Keep in mind that the higher the values, the higher the quality of your sketch.
Step 4: Import the picture from the app and click on the plus (+) sign to add a new layer.
Step 5: slide the layer to the top of the layer of the imported picture and choose a pencil, marker, brush or any tool you desire to trace all of the outlines of your original sketch. Depending on the size of your screen, you can zoom in to make your tracing easier. Ensure to adjust the specs of your tool to your taste. 
Step 6: To color, create another layer and drag it below the tracing layer (but above the layer of the original sketch) and use your favorite brush tool to paint your art. You should use the color picker tool to select a previously used color.
To do this, go to settings: preferences and select "tap and hold for color picker". Go to any color, tap and hold until an icon appears to select the color. To make things faster, tap the tracing layer and select the "fill" tool and select the area you wish to color. Keep in mind that it is a bit tricky and you need to get used to it to understand how it works. The magic wand tool also helps in making selections.
Step 7: To add captions, select "add texts" and select your font style, size, and color. I prefer to use apps specifically focused on adding texts to images though. You can also use the pen tools if you want to add a unique font by writing on the screen.
I know this might sound complicated to you but trust me it only takes a little practice. Once you master this you will have far less need to spend money on freelancers. With time you will also find yourself spending less on colors and other drawing materials

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