6 Secrete Features Of Android Smartphone You Never Know

The Android mobile phone today is more than just a device that you can use to make calls or enjoy social networks. It has hundreds of unique features that could make things a lot easier for you especially when your phone is rooted. Here are some of them:


How to install your apps on your SD card:  

If you are using a phone with up to 16gb internal memory, you probably do not need this app but those who have less than that will definitely find this very useful. To use this app, make sure that you have rooted your device. Rooting has its pros and cons but trusts me, it is not as dangerous as some people are trying to make you believe. You also need an sd card with at least 8gb to use it smoothly. 
The first step is to download link2sd or apps2sd from play store. After that, you should use a PC or the partition tool of apps2sd to partition the sd card. The partition means you will select the space that will be used for the normal function of your sd card and space where your apps will be installed in the sd card. Once that is done, you can open the link2sd or apps2sd and choose any app you wish to save on your memory card.


How to easily backup all your apps, contacts and app data:

This also requires you to have a rooted phone. All you need to do is to download Titanium backup and choose the files you wish to backup. If you want to backup everything, just connect it to your system. If you don't have one, you can back up the most important files you need and move them to your sd card from the TitaniumBackup folder at your internal storage. Anytime you want to reinstall your apps, they will come back at the exact state you left it. For example, if you are on a certain level in a video game and you uninstall it, when you load it from titanium backup you would resume at that same level.


How to save web pages and view them offline:

while chrome and opera allow you to save web pages, they don't support the saving of multiple web pages, unlike the Offline Browser. To use it, just download it from google play store and use its in-built browser to navigate to the page you want to download or get to the page on your preferred browser and use the "share" button to open it in your offline browser. Once that is down, tap download and select how deep you want it to go by numbering its 'max link per page', 'max link per site, max images per site', etc. Keep in mind that the higher the value, the higher the waiting time.


How to solve complex math questions:

am still amazed at how this app is not popular among young students especially those in secondary schools despite the fact that a lot of them tend to be lazy. The app, photomaths, can solve very complex maths problems and even give you the steps it used to arrive at the solution. All you need to do is to open the app and place your camera on the maths question and wait for it to scan. You can also write the question manually with your keyboard. Keep in mind that when solving word problems, you will have to accurately interpret them into equations.


How to hide your private docs, videos, pictures, etc without using an application:

There are many reasons why you might want to hide the above files from your gallery. Most people use apps for this which can drain your memory space. To hide the files, just move to the folder which you have them stored and tap "rename". Add a dot (.) before the folder name and click okay to hide them from your gallery. For example, you can hide pictures from your camera by going to your DCIM folder and renaming it to ". DCIM". To access the files, click the 3 dots (usually located at the top right corner of your screen) and tap "show hidden files". The folder will appear at the top of the list. You can tap them to quickly view them or remove the dot in the name to move it back to its original state. However, keep in mind that most hider apps give password protection which is more secure than this method.


How to minimize "failed download" errors when downloading files:

every internet user must have at some point lost his precious data due to the data not being enough to complete downloads or network issues. With ADM app, that problem can be brought to the bearest minimum. Once you click download on your opera or any other browser, pause and copy the link. Open ADM, paste the link and click download. It will start downloading at a faster rate and once an error occurs or you pause, it will remain in that state until you get more data to resume. 
 There are many more useful apps and tricks like ram expansion, console emulators, etc that can never be covered in a single post. It is left for you to discover them and make maximum use of your mobile phone.

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