Funny Rules You Must Obey in Nigerian Universities

Now, this may not be true for all universities/departments but I can confidently hit my chest and say that up to 70% of universities are like that. Nigerians always have a way to make their things unique in a negative or positive way.

1.) The Lecturer is always right:

This one is a very important rule that should never be taken for granted. There was a time my lecturer told us that Nigeria's constitution was flexible. Some of us that are wise simply wrote it down while the others refused to agree. At the end of the day, we got A's while the stubborn ones were managing C's and Ds despite the fact that they were right. In normal, university student should be able to make their own individual research and present their facts to the lecturer even if it contradicts that of the lecturer, but if you try that here...

I feel sorry for your G.P.A

2) Sharing is not a good idea in Nigerian Universities:

This is especially true for those staying in hostels. If you want to maintain your weight and energy then you need to moderate the number of times you share your food with people because there are "professionals" who specialize in feeding off another person's food. They would usually start by acting so friendly towards you, followed by coming to your room occasionally and rejecting your offer (all na wash). The very moment they start accepting those offers,  your name is Father Christmas.

3) You must dress in a particular way before you can see a Lecturer:

Some of our lecturers can be so ridiculous. I noticed that whenever I wore my normal jeans and T. Shirt to see a lecturer, they talked to me in a condescending manner but once I put on my Jallabia, Babban Riga, or even baggy 
clothes, they talked to me with respect as if most of the thieves in this country are not those politicians wearing big agbadas and red caps.

4) Stay away from requesting for remarking:

if you notice any error in your result, the best way is to approach the lecturer and complain to him personally but asking the department to remark your script is almost synonymous with suicide especially if the lecturer is from your department. Their arrogant nature would make them think you are portraying them as incompetent people and most of them would use their connections with their colleagues to frustrate your studies and bring down your grade.

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