The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To United States

Most people love traveling from one country to another, especially when it comes to traveling to the United States. This traveling makes it easy to gather different experience about locations as well as peoples. In the United States, there are several amazing places which can be visited so as to have a lovely experience.

Additionally, you can also travel along with your family as well as friends but the challenge might be the airfare because it can be expensive during some periods, most especially during holiday periods. However, there are some ideas which can be used to get a free ticket and some would be discussed in this content.

Volunteer to Get Bumped

If you have flown at all, you would probably know this drill. A flight gets overbooked and so the gate agent would ask for people to give up their seats in exchange for some kind of incentives. In most cases, those incentives are a voucher for a free or discounted ticket in the future. Whenever you volunteer, they will book you through another flight, so you still have a guaranteed way to get to United State.

Rack up the miles

Join an airline frequent flyer program and this begins by collecting miles towards a free ticket. This is simple and most airlines are fairly good about helping you redeem your miles as long as you follow their rules and plan your travel well in advance. You can also maximize miles earned by choosing the longest route whenever you fly and you can often earn additional miles by purchasing through the rewards program’s website.

Complain Politely

Do you have a bad experience during your last flight? If you write a polite letter to the airline, you will often receive some kind of compensation in return. In some cases, this can be a voucher for a free flight and can be used to enter United State. Even if you don’t get a big payoff, you will often receive a discount on future tickets or some kind of free upgrade for the trouble. It is, however, crucial to document time, place, flight number, as well as personnel, involved so as to be compensated.

Seek for Incentives

Nowadays, free airline tickets are offered as incentives for everything from opening a brokerage account with a certain minimum amount of money to take out a mortgage. While you don’t want to do these things just for the tickets, if you are going to do them anyway, you may as well get the free travel to the United States. If you aim to make a large investment, see if there is a way to do it that involves free tickets.

Redeem your credit card rewards

Credit cards have gotten a bad rap when it comes to actually let you use your points to get free airline tickets. However, some of them do not have quality programs. If you are seeking for a free ticket and will be using a credit card, you might as well earn points towards your next trip.

Win a Sweepstake

There are several contests and sweepstakes out there which offer free airline tickets to winners. Although you have a slim chance of winning but if you enter them systematically and frequently, you will have a better chance of winning a ticket to the United States. While you can plan your life around winning sweepstakes, the tickets would be a nice surprise whenever your name comes up.

With all these approaches, you would be able to earn a free ticket to the United States so as to have a lovely experience.


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